Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're all Crap and we know it

According to Rachel Sylvester writing in the Times

A year after Gordon Brown became Prime Minister, the Labour Party seems to have adopted the Gerald Ratner approach to its leader. Ministers, backbenchers, party activists all declare that the product is “crap” but they still want the voters to buy it at the next election.

Unfortunately this time Labour, unlike what happened to Ratners, will grind on until they have their final death throes in the 2010 election rather than being gone before you can eat a M & S Prawn Sandwich.

More seriously this article is about the continuing decline of Labour's finances and whilst Gordon hasn't come out and said "We are Crap" his serious financial backers already know they have a bad product and are not willing to invest or bankroll the Labour party. Backers are not going to give money to the party whilst Gordon is the Leader. According to Rachel
At the moment the money is running as fast as it can away from No10.
Let us hope that Gordon will soon see the writing on the wall and do a runner as well.

Update: Nice to see this article is the subject of PB.com's latest thread after I highlighted it last night. It has been mentioned about 4 times since then by various posters.

Who will finish off Gordon Brown? Follow the money Rachel Sylvester - Times Online

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