Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Clear - Secure Data?

Secure data is just a dream until companies and governments work out just what they are dealing with. The basic problem is that processes to access and store data are inadequate. This is why until proper processes and procedures are in place we need to accept that "secure" data is just not possible particularly in large scale systems, such as the NHS Spine, which transport data to and from many smaller systems or access points.

The simple example shown in this article where supposedly highly secure data on verified travellers show just how dangerous this problem could be. The company operating the system, FlyClear, is now not accepting new customers as they "upgrade" their systems. Interestingly as late as July 2008 they were still extolling their privacy and how they were secure, including details of an audit performed by Ernst and Young. Their parent company is intriguingly called Verified Identity Pass Inc.

It may also find out the hard way that one error in this type of market can lead to the end of the business. Significantly the system causing the problem was called "Clear" and obviously this is how they liked to view their data.

The Times today also has another example, not new, of how the supposed "Fakeproof" E-Passport can be cloned in minutes.

What this shows is that anything claimed as "uncrackable" or "unbreakable" just isn't at the moment so don't believe it.

Slashdot | "Clear" Air-Travel Pass Data Stolen From SFO

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Robbing Oil to pay for Rock.

What's the betting our dearly beloved leader will come up with a "Windfall" tax on Energy Companies of about £3bn. Just enough to fund the £3bn needed to prop up Northern Rock and it's jobs in the Labour Heartlands.

Job done, profits from well run businesses supporting thousands of jobs are used to prop up irresponsible and criminally stupid business which deserved to fail. I wonder where we have seen this before.

BBC NEWS | Business | Northern Rock makes a £585m loss

Don't Buy a house in August...

... the number of houses sold in August/September should plummet now this news has been "leaked". Another shot in the foot for "Jonah" Brown and his team of Brownies

However at least in later months he may be able to say the temporary scrapping increased sales!

Ministers Consider Plans To Temporarily Scrap Stamp Duty To Boost Housing Market Business Sky News

Monday, August 04, 2008

Dual the A9 campaign

Could I ask all reader/s to sign this campaign. The A9 is currently Scotland's most deadly road and, whilst it is not considered the most dangerous, because of it's length, it is a route traversed for many miles by most drivers. It's mix of single/dual carriageway, local, national and foreign drivers, cars, caravans and lorries and type of terrain make it one of the roads I try not travel on if at all possible.

Add to this it being a truly scenic road make it one of the most dangerous in Scotland.

Dual the A9 Campaign