Friday, February 10, 2006

Malcolm's Running

Subject to illness, and the right sort of appearance money my middle son Malcolm will be appearing at Haddo House on Sunday and at the following events. Where he got the idea from running from I have no idea. The only cross country I did when I was young was out to the back of the School for a fag. PS he's a bit older than the photo!
Anyway good luck to him and his companions.

Run 4 It

ID card Application form

Things can only get wetter
Its Friday so we might as well have a joke about something to start the weekend. ID cards spring to mind as something to think about (or not). But anyway here is a nice little site to get you thinking about what you will get for your 500 notes.

Thanks to Recess Monkey for this.

P.S Have a look at the rest of the site.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Is This You.....?

If it is, you are some trouble...
...and I don't just mean with the polis.
The moustache is just a touch of genius.

BBC NEWS | England | Norfolk | Victim's concern over 'odd e-fit'

Thanks to my workmate John at Williamson Computing Services
for finding this gem.

Agent McLeish has accomplished his mission.

Secret agent McLeish of the Dandy Dons has done his job down in Hun Land and deposited them amongst the also rans of Scootish football. After last nights drubbing by the Reds Mr Murray finally realised which side Mcleish was playing for.

BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Rangers | McLeish to leave Rangers in May

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Labour cancels Council Polls

I see Blair and his cohorts would like to cancel next years Council elections in England. Convenient really when they would likely be looking at the kind of drubbing Aberdeen gave Rangers tonight (see previous post)
The disguise of yet another reform of local government is just wonderful as yet more public money (OURS) goes out to feed the ever growing ranks of Tony's Cronies who desperately need more money before he disappers from view forever.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Council polls could be scrapped

Aberdeen 2-0 Rangers

Finally and against those we just love to beat a win for Aberdeen. If they can just manage a few more like this a top six place might be possible!

BBC SPORT | Football | Scottish Premier | Aberdeen 2-0 Rangers

Woops forgot to mention that Christina is a Hun Fan. Last seen crying into her Brandy.

Neil, my brother will also be pleased I see as the Blues managed to topple the Toffees out of the cup.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Time to dig deep into your pockets

Well it will soon be Valentines day and I will be rushing down to Tesco's to get my loved one a decent card.

A recommendation from that valuable site
has allowed bankruptcy to be avoided.

I have the feeling that this will be as well appreciated in the household as the roses she has been hinting at (yadda yadda Gillian got.... On her birthday).

Where do Diacks come from?

This site shows how we are beginning to conquer the known world or at least that civilised part of it known as the British Isles

Surname Profiler: Map a name

Monday, February 06, 2006

When will this stupidity end.

I really don't know where to start on this subject.

In short people should have respect for each others views across all religions /peoples /communities. The fact that a such few people from all sides can create such a toll in so many countries should nowdays be beyond belief.

Thought I would add this as a good sense look on the whole issue.
Taken from one of the BBC links.

I would like to say that the violence the Muslims are causing is not a part of Islam, and should be stopped and therefore I apologise on behalf of my faith. Emotions can sometimes be uncontrollable however actions can. The Holy Qur'an teaches tolerance, and if something hurts you, you should deal with it in a peaceful manner. The Danish people are not to blame, so the burning of flags is not the proper way of Islam. The papers that published the pictures of Prophet Muhammad should have also realised that this would have hurt many people's faith and would have definitely caused outrage, regardless of whether they follow Islam or not. Prophet Muhammad was well known for his peaceful behaviour as proved by his biography, but sadly Muslims today have failed to show the rest of the world what Islam really is, and so the wrong impression has been portrayed about our Beloved Prophet. If anything, only the fanaticss should be blamed for the violence but not our Prophet. If only our Prophet was here today, he would have certainly ended all this in the most peaceful manner possible.
Aaliyah, London

12:43 PM

BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Four killed in cartoon protests

Shirkers from Liverpool !

No mention of if Scots take this as well.
Mind you my brother would say the were on off sick and were even sicker yesterday after Chelsea had gubbed them 2-0.

Go home - it's National Sickie Day | The Register:

Chelsea win League?!

Chelsea have now won the league, at least, according to my brother, Neil

This apparently means that Chelsea have won the English Premiership this year. But the problem is, who cares these days as Chelsea have now become the southern 'Prawn Sandwich' nibblers. They shoud really be called Dynamo Chelsea and paly elsewhere.

BBC SPORT | Football | Premiership | Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bring on the English

Bring on the English.
Best news of the day. Just when you thought Scotland could only get worse they pop up with the biggest surprise of this year in the rugby world.

BBC SPORT Rugby Union Six Nations Scotland 20-16 France