Monday, February 06, 2006

Chelsea win League?!

Chelsea have now won the league, at least, according to my brother, Neil

This apparently means that Chelsea have won the English Premiership this year. But the problem is, who cares these days as Chelsea have now become the southern 'Prawn Sandwich' nibblers. They shoud really be called Dynamo Chelsea and paly elsewhere.

BBC SPORT | Football | Premiership | Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool


Neil said...

I never heard anyone complain when Utd and Arsenal kept dominating the Premier League. Even Rafa was reduced tonight to whining about a red card when his team were down by two and well beaten.

Let's face it.... RA saw a good investment and he's shipping out of Russia big style anyway.

.... and Scotland won the rugby. A good day allround!

Neil said...

Wad Ruaridh at the Bridge - nice one son!


Noddy said...

Told You we would win the league!!!!