Friday, March 03, 2006

And I thought he was god...

Apparently Tony asked God what he should do about the Iraq war and the result was...
Reading through the rest of this just makes you want to cringe (and a few less savoury things).

Also have a look at an updated posting at.

PM attacked on Iraq 'God' remarks

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Blair 'prayed to God' over Iraq

Aberdeen to do the double this week?

An unlikely double over Celtic is in the offing. Mind you the Dons have to get there first. Supporters will have even more trouble just getting out of the skating rink that Aberdeen has become this week.

Jimmy Calderwood has beaten Gordon Strachan once this week - now he wants to make it a double by guiding Aberdeen to victory at Celtic on Saturday. The Dons manager...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Scottish Parliament starts to Crumble -

The Scottish (well at least Glasgow and Edinburgh) Parliament in Edinburgh is beginning to fall down. The 430 million pound waste of space is falling to bits not long after its official opening.

That's another few pence on the taxes for the rest of us, on top of the estimated 250 pounds each taxpayer in Scotland has already paid. News - Beam comes loose in Holyrood chamber

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Its snowing in Tarland

Just to let you know its snowing in Tarland and looks like it will be for a while. Also can I recommend the following website Metcheck as a good source of information. My Met Office man recommends it to me rather than the Met Office site.