Thursday, January 25, 2007

Malnutrition in hospitals: an overview

It's a national scandal: Its not new its been heavily researched for more than 5 years.

* Six out of 10 older people are at risk of becoming malnourished, or their situation getting worse, in hospital.
* Up to 14% of older people aged over 65 years in the UK are malnourished.
* Four out of 10 older people admitted to hospital are malnourished on arrival.
* Patients over the age of 80 admitted to hospital have a five times higher prevalence of malnutrition than those under the age of 50.
* Up to 50% of older people in general hospitals have mental health needs.
* Patients who are malnourished stay in hospital for a longer time, require more medications, and are more likely to suffer from infections.
* The toll of malnutrition on health and health care costs is estimated to exceed £7.3 billion per year (much more than obesity). Over half of this cost is expended on people aged 65 years and above.

Malnutrition in hospitals: an overview

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blair Cowardice - Britain's Shame

As usual Mr Blair shows his contempt and utter cowardice by not attending the Commons for an Iraq Debate. In fact the last time he attended was to declare War.

This is Blair's utter contempt for this country and his utter cowardice.

My wife's words are as follows.

"Tony Blair has no honour left, and to avoid leading the debate while troops are there and in Afghanistan is DISGUSTING!
But then, what is worse is the fact that he can't even tell us what he is going to do because it is probably part of Gordon Brown's 100 day decree's from upon high.
Our soldiers are out there undermanned, under equipped and the treasury won't even cough up for decent armoured vehicles to keep them safe.
Demanding a withdrawal by a pre arranged date which the Libdems seem to have pulled out of the sky, smacks of opportunism and a lack of thought about the soldiers there or the people of Iraq. But still they would have thought about the headline!
So Labour in limbo for political gain and surprise surprise the Libdems doing the same!"

In case Mr Blair has forgotten or has something more important to do here is a list of those who have been heroes for Britain, but will never have the opportunity to debate on Iraq with anyone again.

British Deaths in Iraq

BBC NEWS | Politics | Blair urged to lead Iraq debate

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chairboys vs those Russians

Tonight sees the Carling Cup Semi-Final second leg for Wycombe vs Chelsea.

Wycombe are now managed by ex-Celtic and Scotland player Paul Lambert so a good Scottish connection here.

For a real bit of history follow the link below. I was one of the 12,000 who crammed into Loakes Park to see this game.

And of course who can forget the old geeza who used to appear near the end of the games selling the sporting paper. the cry of 'alf times!, 'alf times! was the more amazing as the guy would still have his rolly-up attached to his upper lip as he continued shouting his wares.

Chairboys on the Net - Wycombe Wanderers vs Middlesborough

Monday, January 22, 2007

Civil Service Staff commute is classed as work

What can you say.

Only a Civil Servant could dream this up and only after the oh so useful Scottish Parliament had decided a department should move (which Marginal is next on the list?).

But don't worry these rules will be changed after five years! I wonder what other little sweeteners they have managed to get as well.

I suggest a new relocation of the Scottish Parliament to the nearest bin. Unfortunately these are all full due to the crap that comes from this Lab/Lib waste of money.

Pop along to the website of the Department at Transport Scotland but don't go to the Traffic Scotland website when the weather is bad as it always stops working/responding just when it is needed.

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Staff commute is classed as work

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Biased BBC at it again

I see the BBC (Biased Broadcasting Corporation) are at it again. Amazing that Mr Puttnam who is in line for another Labour Quango job as Chairman of the new BBC Trust has been so outspoken on this. I bet his possible future underlings won't want to get on his bad side.
The image at the side shows where they rate the story. Has anyone at the BBC looked at the Broadsheets today to see what the leading stories are?


Iain Dale's Diary: BBC Buries Cash for Peerages News