Saturday, February 18, 2006

World Ends- Aberdeen win three in a row

Aberdeen have now had their longest winning run this season, now we just need Caley to lose a few and its the top six for us. However the next game might be a little more tricky....
....Celtic at Parkhead on the 4th March.

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Two views on the "Cartoon" rows

The first is the resignation of an Italian Minister for wearing a T-shirt depicting the cartoons.
The Reform Minister, can you believe it? Was the man responsible for this. At least he has the decency to resign. Can you imagine if he wore a T-shirt depicting the Pope in this sort of way in Italy.

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Italy cartoon row minister quits

Second is a view from BBC News's man in Karachi, Aamer Ahmed Khan. In it he muses as to whether the rioting there is really against the cartoons or against the Liberalism of the current Pakistani Government. I leave you to make your mind up,

Hidden Motives behind Cartoon Riots

Friday, February 17, 2006

Don't be scared of Sky | The Register

Interesting thought's on Sky and Murdochs Empire.
Don't be scared of Sky | The Register

The "Abolition of Parliament Bill"

Have a read of a few of the following stories, and wonder, just how this can possibly happen in a Democracy. This is just the typical sort of law that a Government that wants to bypass Parliament needs, particularly as it starts to have trouble getting Bills passed.

Typically this bill popped out when most attention was focused on the Terrorism and ID cards bills.

I first saw the BBC post a week ago and have been following it since then as more and more people pick up on it.

Get onto your MP, MEP, MSP and anyone else you can think of and make sure this bill, in its current format, is never passed.

Andrew Miller the Labour MP for Ellesmere Port and Neston had the following to say on this

This bill must be scrutinised with particular care. Our report recognises that there is widespread support for removing redundant regulation and costly red tape. But the problem many people will have with part one of this bill, as drafted, is that it provides ministers with a wide and general power that could be used to repeal amend or replace almost any primary legislation. That can't be right. We need extra safeguards.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Red tape law 'must not be abused'

Guardian Unlimited | Columnists | Marcel Berlins: Government seeks to pass laws without parliament's approval

How I woke up to a nightmare plot to steal centuries of law and liberty - Daniel Finkelstein

Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill - Explanatory Notes

Arbitrary powers for Ministers by Order

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Why Gordon Brown cannot become Prime Minister.

Lovely to see the English having a problem with a possible Scottish PM. (You can't count Blair as Scottish)

And as far as I 'm concerned the best way to deal with this would be to get rid of all regional assemblies and get back to one Parliament. The Scottish Assembly has little relevance to anyone outside of The Glasgow/Edinburgh area of Scotland.

Campaign for an English Parliament News - England

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Gordon Brown and "Veterans" Day

In a speech, included at the bottom of this entry, on the 13th February Gordon Brown said some of the most cynical and hypocritical distortions of what he and his new Labour Party really stand for.

Have a look at the opinions that some real Ex-Servicemen/women have to say about his suggestions in particular the following.

Real Ex-Serviceman Speaks

And perhaps a Times article on him

How Project Gordon failed to put a more human face on the Iron Chancellor

and finally a blog from Tommy English (I'll forgive him for not being Scottish)

A poem

I have suggested that we do more to value the ideals of Britishness - our commitment to liberty, responsibility and fairness - and its symbols and institutions and in particular I suggest today we recognise and show we value the contribution of our police, emergency and security services, our military and our armed forces and the contribution of all those who fought in the great wars of the last century.

Far from failing to teach history on these great times of conflict and courage we must do more to remember them so that they will never be forgotten.

In Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday "we remember the fallen" - and it is right and fitting to honour them.

So, after approval from Her Majesty the Queen I can announce that the Treasury will allocate £1.5 million from the proceeds from the coin celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar to help fund the memorial in Staffordshire for the men and women in our armed forces who have given their lives.

The national Veterans' Day is designed to thank today's generation of ex-servicemen and women for their service to our country. I propose ceremonies in every constituency and locality of the country to mark national Veterans' Day - where we present veterans with veterans medals at local ceremonies and we will consult with veterans' groups in taking this forward. Today the Defence Secretary is announcing that we will extend veterans badges to all those who served until 1960 including all who did national service.

And to involve young people more in celebrating the contribution of our armed forces - he and I would like to pilot an expansion of our cadet forces, especially in state schools. So we have asked Ian Russell to fundraise with the private sector, with funding matched by the government.

And we should ask young people to play a leading role in future Veterans' Day celebrations - in particular volunteering to tape and video the memories of veterans for a veterans archive - led by a prominent national figure and supported by government and hopefully lottery funding - so that we have a local and national record of pride and achievement that measures up to the contribution our armed forces have made.

I started by saying that on July 7 the British people stood as one. The victims of that day will never be forgotten. Accordingly the Treasury stands ready to play a part in funding a memorial that victims families may consider fitting.

Labour lies again.

As usual promises from the Labour Election Manifesto are not worth the paper they were written on. Tying ID cards to Passports is obviously not a voluntary scheme. But what can you expect from a Government that wouldn't know the truth if it was rammed up their a**es with a red hot poker.

I won't go into just how much I trust the ability of a government department to actually maintain a decent database of personnel details without letting it become open season for the usual suspects.

Never mind I'm sure there are a few Computer Consultancies, with wonderful track records on major Government contracts, who will be rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of this project.

ID Cards to be compulsory in Britain | The Register

Say no to ID CARDs

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Malcolm ran for it

Well Malcolm ran for it this morning, see earlier post as well. He had been training hard for the past month with regular runs with his friend Darren and occasionally his brother Ruaridh. Unfortunately Malcolm caught a cold mid-week and struggled to run on Friday at all. He managed to a short run on Saturday.
This meant he was not at his best on Sunday, We left Tarland 9am picking up his friend Darren on the way. We arrived early at Haddo House on a beautiful morning and took a lazy 10 minute walk to the start and registered. The two boys had a look at the course and warmed up. I just tried to keep warm.
Just after 11am they set off with about 50 others for the 2k run. Very quickly they were at the finish. Darren managed a superb 7th spot in his first competition. Malcolm was a bit behind as he struggled with his cold, however as he said," I ran all the way and never stopped". Anyway roll on the next race in March at Castle Fraser and lets hope they both run as well, hopefully Ruaridh will also be running.
P.S. Slightly more recent photo of Malcolm!

Well done Darren and Malcolm.

Top six place in the offing.

Well we might just make the top six again this year if we can continue the form of the past week. But then again we should be doing this. At last Aberdeen are beginning to look like a team, and believe they can win. After the win against Rangers in mid-week this was another great effort particularly as a few weeks ago they would have settled for the draw. A decent result against Falkirk next week could see us overhaul Caley into the top six as they have a tricky away game against Dumpdee United.
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