Friday, February 17, 2006

The "Abolition of Parliament Bill"

Have a read of a few of the following stories, and wonder, just how this can possibly happen in a Democracy. This is just the typical sort of law that a Government that wants to bypass Parliament needs, particularly as it starts to have trouble getting Bills passed.

Typically this bill popped out when most attention was focused on the Terrorism and ID cards bills.

I first saw the BBC post a week ago and have been following it since then as more and more people pick up on it.

Get onto your MP, MEP, MSP and anyone else you can think of and make sure this bill, in its current format, is never passed.

Andrew Miller the Labour MP for Ellesmere Port and Neston had the following to say on this

This bill must be scrutinised with particular care. Our report recognises that there is widespread support for removing redundant regulation and costly red tape. But the problem many people will have with part one of this bill, as drafted, is that it provides ministers with a wide and general power that could be used to repeal amend or replace almost any primary legislation. That can't be right. We need extra safeguards.

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