Sunday, February 12, 2006

Malcolm ran for it

Well Malcolm ran for it this morning, see earlier post as well. He had been training hard for the past month with regular runs with his friend Darren and occasionally his brother Ruaridh. Unfortunately Malcolm caught a cold mid-week and struggled to run on Friday at all. He managed to a short run on Saturday.
This meant he was not at his best on Sunday, We left Tarland 9am picking up his friend Darren on the way. We arrived early at Haddo House on a beautiful morning and took a lazy 10 minute walk to the start and registered. The two boys had a look at the course and warmed up. I just tried to keep warm.
Just after 11am they set off with about 50 others for the 2k run. Very quickly they were at the finish. Darren managed a superb 7th spot in his first competition. Malcolm was a bit behind as he struggled with his cold, however as he said," I ran all the way and never stopped". Anyway roll on the next race in March at Castle Fraser and lets hope they both run as well, hopefully Ruaridh will also be running.
P.S. Slightly more recent photo of Malcolm!

Well done Darren and Malcolm.

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