Friday, February 02, 2007

Watergate taunts rile Blair as calls to quit grow

And more references to Nixon. What a damning legacy he will leave.

The Scotsman - UK - Watergate taunts rile Blair as calls to quit grow

Blair loses his grip on government and reality

More Tricky Dicky references as the Mad One gets closer and closer to an inelegant departure from Downing Street.

I must admit my feeling is that the meeting with the police last week was more a case of a warning to Mr Blair that they had the evidence of a cover-up and that he should just do the decent thing as soon as possible.

Hopefully this will be soon so that we can get some sort of functioning Government in place. We are quickly becoming a laughing stock.

Blair loses his grip on government and reality | Dt Leaders | Opinion | Telegraph

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Aberdeenshire Council charged with fly-tipping.

So that wonderful council that empties my bins occasionally has been charged with fly tipping. Oh just so ironic!

Aberdeenshire Council has been charged with fly-tipping materials i

MEMO: Those who stuck with Tony made money

This is a link to the Political Betting blog which I like to poke about with but seldom comment on (though my Wife does).

I just loved the following comment on Tony Blair, maybe slightly over the top but with Britain becoming a laughing stock due to his antics probably justified.

Rubbish. Blair is a political magician, no doubt, but his failings far outweigh his merits. The main achievement of this Labour government has been economic stability and continual growth - for that they must be properly credited. But Brown is the one who should get the credit. Why? Because Blair, given half the chance, and convinced of his own messianic destiny, would have taken us into the euro - and consigned us to the high unemployment and low growth of the eurozone over the last decade.

Apart from that, Blair, as a pathological liar, has traduced and poisoned the British political system with his mendacity. He cannot open his mouth without telling a fib, his mother tongue is falsity, his speech is pure dissembling, his vocabulary is that of a used car salesman on coca leaves.

Because of his aversion to the truth, he is also responsible for infecting the British political bloodstream with Peter Mandelson and Alistair Campbell, two odious and manipulative bullies, a pair of the nastiest men ever to work in Westminster. With his own lies and his employment of other liars (like Mandelson and Campbell) Blair has reduced voter confidence in politics to catastrophically low levels.

Because Blair lied about Iraq, the biggest issue of the decade, it will be hard for any other government ever to win the people’s trust on an issue as grave as going to war. This is incalculably damaging for our country.

Furthermore, Blair is a dangerously vain and insecure man who hides his failings and self doubts with a carapace of charm - like all charlatans. All that matters to Blair is his own image. This is why he is so desperately clinging on to power, in the futile hopes that his legacy will not turn out to be, yes, the charred corpses in Iraq.

He will fail, of course. When they finally drive a stake through Blair’s career, people will remember him only for this, for Iraq, and the lies he told to take us there.

Blair is a bowel movement of a man. A voided bladder making pitiful noises.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

NHS 24:Choose your own adventure

I was going to blog on the story referred to in the attached piece about a lady who is going to sue NHS 24 up here in Aberdeenshire, but thought I would wait until the excellent Dr Crippen did a piece on it ( I was sure he would!). However he pointed to this article.

I know what I would do in an emergency, especially out here in the sticks, and it wouldn't be waiting around for a nurse to speak to me over the phone, if I was seriously worried. I have tried it and the wait whilst they refer to their protocol and more experienced people is very trying.

Pathologists Anonymous: Choose your own adventure

Tricky Dicky revisited

A while back I posted about Tricky Dicky Now it all looks to be coming closer to being true.

Again it is, apparently, the cover-up that is doing for the accused rather than the actual deeds. Pop along to some of the following to see the latest.

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