Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Field of Dissension?

Four Labour MP's who are trying to keep their Election promises are in trouble with the Parliamentary Labour party and according to one of them, Frank Field,

had been "shouted at" by Mr Hoon and he accused the party leadership of "ineptness" for "trying to expel people from the Parliamentary Labour Party for keeping their election promises".

Oh how fun it is to watch Labour having problems with its MP's on the EU.

BBC NEWS | Politics | MPs face action for EU poll plans

MMR 'does not trigger reaction'

Now there's a big surprise, imagine that, the MMR jab does not cause Autism, according to this study. All that has been achieved by the scaremongering of Dr Andrew Wakefield has been stress for parents and an increase in measles with the attendant problems this poses.

This is just another waste of money that could have been better spent on researching a proper cure or at least better understanding of the causes of Autism. It could even have been spent on education on Autism. We already know that the MMR jab does not cause autism.

If you really want to find out about autism please have a look here.

Also have a read of read of this story in our local paper from a few years ago about the sort of research we should be looking at.

From Ruaridh P and J

BBC NEWS | Health | MMR 'does not trigger reaction'

Monday, February 04, 2008

Police 'can challenge pay deal'

The government doing something unlawful again? Surely not!

According to the BBC

A judge said he had "no hesitation" in ruling there was an arguable case to
apply for judicial review.

BBC NEWS UK Police 'can challenge pay deal'