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Webcameron: Labour to make 8000 junior doctors unemployed (approx. a quarter of the junior doctor workforce)

Doctors are now trying to get the Leader of the Conservatives involved in the scandal of the new system for Junior Doctors Training.

Hopefully he will take this on and use it to blast away at the Government and at least try and help get the "Harridan Hewitt" to resign. The petition starts off

I would like to highlight an opportunity for you to gain several thousand extra votes if you can call the Government to task on the following issue. (If you can get the general public to take an interest through the TV News, then this is a General Election winner. At least you may be able to get Patricia Hewitt to resign. Presently the Public don't really know about this because, with the exception perhaps of Channel 4 News, the labour controlled BBC and media are not interested and there is very little publicity.
I have already voted for it and hope that anyone who sees this or a similar story does the same.

webcameron: Labour to make 8000 junior doctors unemployed (approx. a quarter of the junior doctor workforce)

Hercules crash - An update

Update on previous blog entry.

The Telegraph reports that 2 years prior to the accident the RAF was requested by one of its serving officers to update the Hercules with ESF.

Sqn Ldr Chris Seal said he requested in 2002 that explosive suppressant foam (ESF) be added to the fleet – something the American air force had in place for almost 40 years.
It goes on.

In late 2002 he sent an “urgent” request for ESF, which prevents fuel tanks exploding if hit by ground fire, after a presentation by a US officer.

“He showed us the video that showed the effects of a bullet hitting the fuel tanks with foam and without foam.

“You could almost hear the jaws drop and hit the floor as we saw that.

“I was in the process of identifying the lessons to be learnt from our operations so far for our main squadron - and as a result I included fire suppressant foam as a requirement.”

If this request was ignored then it can only have been on cost grounds.

This is a disaster waiting to happen again.

Cluedo Game

The BBC were last night stopped from broadcasting an item about the "Cash for Honours" scandal that has Tony Blair's fingerprints all over it (The Scandal that is).

The Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, a well known lackey of Tony Blair, obtained the injunction on Friday night at a hearing which lasted about two hours at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Lord Goldsmith's office said he had acted

"Completely independently of government" on the matter.

Back in the land of reality various people have speculated on who the injuction might cause embarrassment to. Benedict White implicates Lord Levy, hints from Iain Dale point at him also.
Guido meanwhile points to Ruth Turner or Sleazy Levy. Interestingly the BBC early on had a photo of Ruth Turner on their article.

My take is it's probably both of them with more than a hint of Tony Blair in there as well.

Charges relating to this now look imminent.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Positive Proof that Tony Blair is a ..........

Tony is 3rd right at the back.

Thanks to the BBC.

Ryntaing - Upper Glenbuchat:

The photograph above is a wonderful view of The Fermtoun where my 2nd Great Grandfather, William Mcrobbie was born in 1821. Ryntaing is now about a mile down a track off the end of the road that runs through Glenbuchat. It was last occupied in the early 1920's by William's grandson Harry. Many of his family died of Tuberculosis. It is about as remote as you can get these days. I shudder to think what it was like back in those days. However since William's Dad Harry died in 1881 at the age of 92 maybe it wasn't all bad.

Details from the above website are as follows.

Ryntaing - Upper Glenbuchat
Allt Sown Hill,Creag na Gamhna, Claisdhu Hill, Creagandubh and Crespit Hill can all be seen surrounding the fermtoun of Ryntaing in the uppermost reaches of Glenbuchat. The skyline and watershed is the Aberdeenshire/Banffshire boundary.
The Slackmore, Mid and Clashwalloch Burns along with Allt Sowan all converge at Ryntaing forming the Leadensider Burn that runs past Newseat and Ballochduie in turn being fed by the Burn of Sluggie to join the Water of Buchat at Badenyon

The 1841 Census of Scotland for County of Aberdeen, District of Alford, Parish of Glenbucket states that Harry McRobie 50y, a Farmer and his wife Isobel 45y, two sons John 20 and Charles 13, and three daughters Isobel 15, Mary 9 and Ann 6 all lived at Ryntaing

Harry was born in 1788 in Glenbuchat and christened on 13th October 1788. His parents were William McRobbie and Magdalen McRobbie ( nee Strath ) He married Isobel Glennie before 1815 and died on the 16th August 1881 aged 92 of old age. He was buried in Strathdon Cemetery in Aug 1891.

He was recorded as farming 12 Acres and having two labourers in 1851 and then as farming 43 acres arable and living in a house with 4 rooms and windows in 1871 when he was 81 years and still described as head of the household.

In the 1881 census he is aged 92 and a retired farmer.

His wife Isobel was the daughter of Alexander and Isabella Glennie (nee Henderson) and she was born about 1795 in Towie, Aberdeenshire. She died on 14th November at Rhintaing, Glenbucket, Aberdeenshire and was buried in the same month in Strathdon Cemetery.

They had nine children. William, John, James,William, Peter, Alexander, Isabella, Mary and Ann.

Ann was born on 21st May 1835 and married John Reid at Rhintaing on 12 April 1872 aged 36. She had two children, James Harry Reid and Isabella Reid. She died on 20 Feb 1922 at Newton ( just down the glen a bit) aged 86 of Chronic Rheumatism and Old Age. She out lived her son James who died in 1897 at age 22. Her daughter, Isabella, is noted as being a scholar aged 8 in the 1881 census.
The trail goes cold here !

But picks up again here...

Harry's son Willaim was born 21 Nov 1820, Glenbucket, Aberdeen, Scotland and married Mary FARQUHARSON on 26 Jan 1851 in Tullynessle. He died 27 May 1863 15:30pm, 2 Clarks Court, Upper Kirkgate, Aberdeen at age 42 .

This William was a farmer at Wester Carnie and had the following children :

1. Isobel McRobie was baptized on 20 Apr 1851 in Strathdon [IGI].

2. Alexander McRobbie born 28 Jan 1854, Skene, Aberdeenshire. Christened: 9 Feb 1854, Skene, Aberdeenshire. Married Agnes SIEVEWRIGHT on 23 Dec 1874 in 4 Darlington Place, West North Street, Aberdeen and he died 2 Jan 1936, 23 Bright Street, Aberdeen at age 81 of arterio-sclerosis. This is the point where the farming occupation end. He was a Railway Guard in 1883, 1890, 1901 and a Railway Brakesman (retd) in 1920

He and Agnes had 14 Children. (Agnes, Alexander, Mary, George, William, Charles, John, Bella Milne, James, Allan, Stuart, Frank Downie, one un-named child and Annie)

It is Bella Milne McRobbie that takes the line forward. She was born 28 Feb 1890, 30 Allan Street, Aberdeen.

Bella married Thomas DIACK, son of Adam DIACK and Annie Stephenson WATSON, on 28 Jan 1920 in Aberdeen 2 Union Place. (Thomas DIACK was born on 8 Jun 1889 in Portknockie Railway Station, Banffshire and died on 28 Sep 1953 in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.) The cause of his death was Exfoliative Psoriasis,Broncho-Pneumonia, Chronic Uraemia.

A picture of Tom is here : LinkExternal link

She was living at 68 Duthie Terrace, Aberdeen aged 11 in 1901 and at 10 Margaret Place at the time of her marriage. The cause of her death was Sudden death coronary thrombosis.

Bella and Thomas Diack had one son, Alan George who was born 1 Dec 1932 in Aberdeen

Alan Diack won a scholarship to Robert Gordons College, Aberdeen and attended from 1943 to 1950

Alan married Irene Mcleod SHIACH, daughter of William Lorimer SHIACH and Jessie McLEOD, on 27 Dec 1957 in Aberdeen Kings College. (Irene Mcleod SHIACH was born on 5 Oct 1932 and died 11 Mar 1990 10:30am in Dr Grays Hospital, Elgin Usual Address 29 Milnefiled Avemue, Elgin.) The cause of her death was 1) Cardiac Failure 2) Atrial Fibrillation 3) Rheumatic Heart Disease.

Alan and Irene had two sons, Alastair and Neil Mcleod Diack

Alastair Diack has a website at LinkExternal link

Alastair Diack married Christina Margaret CURRAN and they have 3 sons, Cameron James, Malcolm Alan George and Ruaridh Alastair Diack.

Alastair has pictures on a website that takes this story full circle

LinkExternal link

Thanks to Ken Taylor for the picture and the info.

Google Earth file here:

Ryntaing - Upper Glenbuchat:: OS grid NJ3320 :: Geograph British Isles - photograph every grid square!

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Not Nicker's Knickers

My big bro's take on the story of prisoners having to wear dirty underwear.

This is a the latest in a line of sob stories from this nations criminals. Time to have a big sob (or not).

Welcome to Toy Town
The Home of Noddy (& Mr Plod): Not Nicker's Knickers

Original story here

Iraq Dossier

The above linked site details the investigations of Chris Ames as detailed below: is intended to provide a definitive and authoritative account of the UK government's September 2002 dossier "Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction". It does not contain conspiracy theories. Its purpose is to put on one site all of the evidence that shows how the dossier was "sexed-up" by the government's spin doctors and how the government carried out a co-ordinated strategy to cover this up. It includes material from the various official inquiries into the dossier, documents placed in the public domain by other sources and information obtained by Chris Ames through requests under UK Freedom of Information legislation.

The existence of this site reflects the inability or reluctance of the mainstream media to uncover and tell the truth about the dossier.

Lies and Libel This site lists specific instances where named individuals have lied in connection with the dossier. Readers should not think these allegations have been made lightly or in ignorance of the libel laws. All the examples given cite the evidence that shows them to be justified.
Worth looking at as summaries are the following

That should keep you going for a while.

When you have read this, think about what the dossier acheived. It has led us into a disastorous war with too many victims to number and an ongoing siutuation that is killing hundreds more each day.

Most people would agree that Saddam and Iraq were a disaster. Regime change was needed in some form, but our direct intervention with little or no plan for the future has created a bigger disaster.

Too have confirmed to us that we have been systematically lied to by this government on this and many other things should be beyond belief, but we have, as a nation, now become so used to it, that we accept it as a 'norm'.

We must get rid of this government before it totally destroys us as a nation.

Welcome to — Iraq Dossier - the facts

Vitamin PIlls can kill You

According to a study from Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark:

Vitamin A, vitamin E and beta carotene taken singly or with other supplements "significantly increase mortality" .
So there you are don't munch those pills and save yourself some money.

Independent Online Edition > Health Medical

BMA calls for delay to shambolic recruitment system

Following on from a previous post I see the BMA has called for a delay to the "Shambolic Recruitment System".

I would also recommend you have a look at Dr Crippen or any of the multitude of medical sites that are covering this.

Newswire Article: BMA calls for delay to shambolic recruitment system 02/27/2007

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hercules safety 'still lacking'

I see the cheapskates at the MOD are at it again, playing with the lives of the personnel they send into war.

After Mr Blair sent us into war we have heard continued promises from his government that the Military will get all the equipment that they require to carry out their tasks. This has patently not happened yet again.

The solution to this problem has been available for years and is fitted to many other countries similar crafts so what is the problem. The Armed Forces Minister
Mr Ingram told the House of Commons in December that

"The majority" of the RAF's C-130 Hercules fleet would have ESF by the end of 2007. But he said he could not reveal the precise number, for security reasons.

What utter crap, he is hiding the number because it would be embarrassing to his government!

Our Forces require better than this for a Government.

BBC NEWS | UK | Hercules safety 'still lacking'


This story was on big bro's blog (A good read even if I say so).

The initial judge in this story Judge John Tanzer described the pair as

"devoid of the most basic concept of morality".

It demonstrates many of the things that are wrong in this country today and should be highlighted by as many people as possible.

Go on read it

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NHS Destruction Continues.

The destruction of the NHS by NuLabour continues with the introduction of MMC/MTAS. This is a new system for the training of Doctors in Hospitals. According to Dr Crippen

MMC, MTAS, call it what you will, pick your own acronym, is destroying the morale of young doctors in this country. They will leave the country. They will leave medicine. What other group of experienced young professionals are writing like this:

Trick-cycling For Beginners: It's over

HospitalPhoenix: I've got the fear

NHS Blog Doctor: MMC & MTAS - the combine harvester

All I can say is that during my younger days I spent a lot of time with Medical professionals, including many doctors who were either at Medical School or in Post Graduate Posts. Many of them were overworked and stressed during their training but none were anywhere near the stage above. They all knew that there was light at the end of the tunnel and they would go on to a successful career.

Speed Kills "Invincible" Driver

Read the attached article and think about what has happened here.

Yesterday I saw the picture of the mangled wreckage of this accident in our local paper "The Press and Journal" and the name of the victim caught me as it was the same as someone who used to work with me.

I read the story with what details there were and knew it was not my friend as the victim was too young (as always).

I was, as usual, appalled by the loss of yet another young life in Aberdeenshire to a road crash and wondered what the cause might be this time, it's normally speed.

Then today I read this article on the crash and realise that my thoughts yesterday had been wasted on the "Victim". Here was a life wasted and so nearly another families life as well.

This "victim" who had, just the week before, written off another car, no doubt whilst driving too fast, had done it again. But this time he had nearly killed a family. As the paper reported

A family of four, also believed to be local and including two young children, were travelling in the Citroen, and were taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, where their injuries were not thought to be serious.
Lucky for them in this case, but they were nearly murdered by this youth.

I hate to speak ill of the dead but this youth nearly caused an even larger tragedy, He would be the type of guy who after a crash like this has a laugh about it and boasts to his mates how fast he was going. I can feel sorry for his family who are now missing a son, but I can't feel too sorry for him, because it may mean that I'm safer on the roads now that he is gone.

Am I wrong, am I callous, I don't know, what I do know is that four people in a family like mine were lucky. I could have been next.

For any young drivers out there, remember, that car your driving can turn into a lethal weapon at the touch of a foot.

The Scotsman - Scotland - Aberdeen - Friends' warnings, a lucky escape - then days later 'invincible' driver, 17, was killed

Monday, February 26, 2007

RAF accused of 'betrayal' over funeral for hero

I was saddened to read this story in the Scotsman, but it typifies the thinking in place nowadays on Iraq. Whilst I might understand the MOD not paying during times of Peace for Flowers and Refreshments, when there is such large scale loss of life in a War area then exceptions should be made.

To ask a widow or parents to pay for such items is beyond belief, but it appears this is just the tip of the iceberg in relation to war deaths at the moment.

The inquest backlog that was supposed to be cleared shortly after June still existed in October and appears to be getting no better.

This is just a couple of examples of the shoddy treatment our Armed Forces are getting from the government that falsely led them into this conflict. News - Scotland - RAF accused of 'betrayal' over funeral for hero