Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NHS Destruction Continues.

The destruction of the NHS by NuLabour continues with the introduction of MMC/MTAS. This is a new system for the training of Doctors in Hospitals. According to Dr Crippen

MMC, MTAS, call it what you will, pick your own acronym, is destroying the morale of young doctors in this country. They will leave the country. They will leave medicine. What other group of experienced young professionals are writing like this:

Trick-cycling For Beginners: It's over

HospitalPhoenix: I've got the fear

NHS Blog Doctor: MMC & MTAS - the combine harvester

All I can say is that during my younger days I spent a lot of time with Medical professionals, including many doctors who were either at Medical School or in Post Graduate Posts. Many of them were overworked and stressed during their training but none were anywhere near the stage above. They all knew that there was light at the end of the tunnel and they would go on to a successful career.

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