Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cluedo Game

The BBC were last night stopped from broadcasting an item about the "Cash for Honours" scandal that has Tony Blair's fingerprints all over it (The Scandal that is).

The Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, a well known lackey of Tony Blair, obtained the injunction on Friday night at a hearing which lasted about two hours at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Lord Goldsmith's office said he had acted

"Completely independently of government" on the matter.

Back in the land of reality various people have speculated on who the injuction might cause embarrassment to. Benedict White implicates Lord Levy, hints from Iain Dale point at him also.
Guido meanwhile points to Ruth Turner or Sleazy Levy. Interestingly the BBC early on had a photo of Ruth Turner on their article.

My take is it's probably both of them with more than a hint of Tony Blair in there as well.

Charges relating to this now look imminent.

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