Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hercules crash - An update

Update on previous blog entry.

The Telegraph reports that 2 years prior to the accident the RAF was requested by one of its serving officers to update the Hercules with ESF.

Sqn Ldr Chris Seal said he requested in 2002 that explosive suppressant foam (ESF) be added to the fleet – something the American air force had in place for almost 40 years.
It goes on.

In late 2002 he sent an “urgent” request for ESF, which prevents fuel tanks exploding if hit by ground fire, after a presentation by a US officer.

“He showed us the video that showed the effects of a bullet hitting the fuel tanks with foam and without foam.

“You could almost hear the jaws drop and hit the floor as we saw that.

“I was in the process of identifying the lessons to be learnt from our operations so far for our main squadron - and as a result I included fire suppressant foam as a requirement.”

If this request was ignored then it can only have been on cost grounds.

This is a disaster waiting to happen again.

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