Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Speed Kills "Invincible" Driver

Read the attached article and think about what has happened here.

Yesterday I saw the picture of the mangled wreckage of this accident in our local paper "The Press and Journal" and the name of the victim caught me as it was the same as someone who used to work with me.

I read the story with what details there were and knew it was not my friend as the victim was too young (as always).

I was, as usual, appalled by the loss of yet another young life in Aberdeenshire to a road crash and wondered what the cause might be this time, it's normally speed.

Then today I read this article on the crash and realise that my thoughts yesterday had been wasted on the "Victim". Here was a life wasted and so nearly another families life as well.

This "victim" who had, just the week before, written off another car, no doubt whilst driving too fast, had done it again. But this time he had nearly killed a family. As the paper reported

A family of four, also believed to be local and including two young children, were travelling in the Citroen, and were taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, where their injuries were not thought to be serious.
Lucky for them in this case, but they were nearly murdered by this youth.

I hate to speak ill of the dead but this youth nearly caused an even larger tragedy, He would be the type of guy who after a crash like this has a laugh about it and boasts to his mates how fast he was going. I can feel sorry for his family who are now missing a son, but I can't feel too sorry for him, because it may mean that I'm safer on the roads now that he is gone.

Am I wrong, am I callous, I don't know, what I do know is that four people in a family like mine were lucky. I could have been next.

For any young drivers out there, remember, that car your driving can turn into a lethal weapon at the touch of a foot.

The Scotsman - Scotland - Aberdeen - Friends' warnings, a lucky escape - then days later 'invincible' driver, 17, was killed


Anonymous said...

Sad comment on young drivers--the same in this country--many feel so invincible and have no idea of the big responsibility they so lightly take on when they get behind the wheel. Our first drivers can get learning permits even before they turn 16! So very young to make wise decisions. Marion W

Noddy said...

Where was the parental intervention and guidance? There will be a lot of guilt in the Anderson household somewhere in amongst the grief.

Annette said...

When something like this happens you do think to yourself;
"My god, there must be a god somewhere."

I could be so callous and say I hope that all these young drivers deserve to die like this.

But I am not in good mood and it is wednesday.

Praguetory said...

A colleague's father died in a car crash. He decided to overtake on the brow of a hill and hit an oncoming car head-on. They didn't have a chance. The car he hit had a family of four (including three kids in it). The lone driver's family not only had to deal with their loss, but also the fact that he was a bloody fool who killed a whole family. Certainly, I struggled to feign sympathy.