Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SNP to ban Tour Drams?

According to the Press and Journal, our local rag, the current anti-alcohol drive by the SNP could mean

Distilleries could be barred from serving a dram to visitors at the end of tours under Scottish Government proposals to tackle alcohol abuse.

Scotch whisky bosses believe tough restrictions on promotional activities could undermine one of Scotland’s biggest earners and the tourist industry in rural areas like Speyside.

Ministers are looking at preventing licensed premises from engaging in promotional activities to encourage people to buy alcohol for consumption off the premises.

The suggestion is included in the framework to tackle alcohol abuse which has alienated the drinks industry and retail trade but won the support of doctors and anti-alcohol campaigners.

Now if, like me, you are a fan of the odd nip the thought of having had a tour of a Distillery and then not getting a taster at the end is just not playing the game. This is half the reason for being on the tour to have a wee "refreshment" at the end. I can see that going down really well with the American and Japanese tourists.

Seriously the problem of alcohol abuse will not be stopped by these sort of measures. In this country we spend 18 years learning that alcohol is illegal and all of a sudden you can have as much of it as you can drink. This breeds the binge drinking type culture.

Our problem is that we need to approach the whole use of alcohol differently and make it a part of growing up. The sensible use/introduction of alcohol to family life in the early teens and the appreciation of what it can do tends to lessen the problems from binge drinking and brings about a more relaxed and open attitude to drinking. It is no longer a "sport" on its own but a part of relaxation, to be enjoyed more for the taste rather than the effect. The banning or partial banning of a product just tends to lead to its misuse and/or criminal acts.

Drams may be banned on tours of distilleries - Press & Journal


Richard Havers said...

The Health and Safety Taliban meets the PC pOlice....they really don't get it.

Noddy said...

Muddled thinking at its best.
Foot shoot in yourself the.