Monday, June 23, 2008

It's all Maggie's fault..

Read this article in the Telegraph today about how Gordon (new, improved, with added) Brown will today blame Margaret Thatcher for Britain's low rates of social mobility and accuse the former Conservative Prime Minister of creating a lost generation by "denying many children the chance to progress".

This is of course from the school of the "little boy did it and ran away" excuses, that Gordon has tucked up his sleeve. Gordon and his cronies have now had 11 years to sort out what they see are the problems and blaming Maggie after his hilarious "Tea with Gordon" meeting is just so funny.

Gordon will of course never realise that demonising Maggie is not going to work now. 15 years ago it might have worked, but now it is history and many of today's voters will hardly even know who she is. To Gordon she might be the anti-hero but those who do know anything about history will now realise that without Maggie this country would have had third-world status by now.

Gordon cannot work out that his policies are just not working and it is time for a new government. Even Graham Norton thinks he's clueless.

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