Friday, June 27, 2008

Thank God for Private Health Care

According to the Guardian

"The long awaited review into the future of the NHS by Lord Darzi will next week propose a big boost in the size of independent nurse-led provision of primary care, similar in ambition to the rise of independent foundation hospitals."
Now who is waiting for this review is a good question. The government most likely as they will be looking for any measures that will cheapen the provision of health care. Well apparently Darzi has discovered a cracker, Nurse-led provision of primary care. That's right get rid of the GP's, you remember them the Doctors who have trained for over 10 years to give you proper care. Instead we will have Nurse's with Protocols, tick boxes to work out what is wrong with you. Doesn't that make you feel happy.

Who cares, as from 1st July, I have Private Health care, provided by my company. I will be seeing Doctor's and not nurses. This is how Labour will make the NHS cheap, they will frighten everyone who can afford it into getting Private Medical Care.

P.S. My wife is a nurse, I have nothing against proper nurses who provide care for patients.

UPDATE: Dr Crippen (NhsBlogDoc) on this.

NHS review to push for more nurse-led care | Society | The Guardian

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Noddy said...

Private health care is moral sin!