Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The true price of fuel

This sad story of the untimely death of a woman who had called the police after seeing someone stealing diesel from her tank may soon not be a uncommon story in the UK of today. According to one of the insurers thefts of fuel are already up 30% this year.

I read the story yesterday with a thought that this couldn't happen around my area in Scotland which sees little in the way of crime. Then I noticed that in the local policing report that there had been 3 reported crimes related to stealing fuel tanks or similar in our area. Police advice was to tighten security on your tank which are now very valuable commodities. Our last bill to half-fill our tank was over £400 and a normal tank of fuel must now be pushing being worth over £1000. Not bad for a simple crime which just requires a little brawn and a suitable vehicle. Most tanks are not secured as they rely on the actual weight to make them difficult to steal and they are typically positioned in areas out of site of the actual householder.

Woman dies and her son is injured after chasing fuel thieves - Crime, UK - The Independent

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