Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Armed Forces 'stretched beyond their capabilities'

Just after hearing the sad news of the death of another soldier in fighting in Afghanistan, we now have the news from the chief of the Armed Forces, Sir Jock Stirrup, that the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have left the Forces

"stretched beyond the capabilities we have"
Now this will not be surprising news to many people who have been following the news of the conflicts, but to Des Browne it may come as surprise as he keeps telling us there are few if any problems with our forces or their equipment.

This is the first time the most senior officer in the British military has expressed such grave doubts about the struggle faced by troops fighting wars on two fronts, though a number of other senior Officers have expressed a similar opinion a number of times.

According to the Telegraph, Labour ministers have repeatedly denied suggestions that the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have left the Forces overstretched, and opposition MPs said Sir Jock's candid remarks have made that position untenable.

As I reported earlier other senior members of the Armed Forces have given a similar stark warning and have been disciplined by Gordon Brown. What can Gordon do now? The problem is that, unlike the sheep we call Labour MP's, the senior Armed Forces Officers have a duty to both their Men(and women) and this country and regard this higher than pleasing our inept Political Leaders.

Let us hope that our Military Leaders can sort out this problem as their Political Masters are incapable of running the proverbial piss-up in a Brewery.

Britain's Armed Forces 'stretched beyond their capabilities' by fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan - Telegraph

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