Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tories at record 20-year high in ICM Poll in Guardian

According to the ICM poll in the Guardian

Gordon Brown faces a damning verdict from voters ahead of his first anniversary in power. It suggests that his prime ministership has been a disappointment: 74% of those questioned say that he has been a change for the worse compared with Tony Blair, and only 24% think Labour has a chance of winning the next election while he remains leader.
Headline figures are Con 45 (+4) Lab 25(-2) Lib 20(-2).

This should put to bed the thoughts that what David Davis is doing will be bad for the Conservatives. The cowardly decision , yet again, by Gordon Brown has backfired on him as usual.

One other quote from the Poll as follows
Voters also think Brown has failed personally as prime minister. Asked to rate his performance on a scale of one to 10, voters give Brown only 3.94 on average. Almost a quarter, 23%, give him a one.
You would laugh but this is a desperate time for our country with this truly inept man in charge. He has become a joke and we must get rid of him to allow this country to get back to be where it belongs in the world.

Desperate reading for Gordon as he comes up to his anniversary, but will he get the message and get the Pickfords van in.

Tories at record 20-year high in new Guardian/ICM poll | Politics | guardian.co.uk: "


Richard Havers said...

The only problem for the Torries is they've climbed so high that there maybe only one way to go....

Mind you with GB there it won't really matter. What if he goes within the year as the political betting world suggest?

Praguetory said...

Gordon setting another record? I don't hold much hope that Gordon will enjoy the present awaiting him in Henley this Friday. hehe.