Friday, June 27, 2008

Red Faces for Labour - beaten by Greens and BNP

On the first anniversary of the disaster of making Gordon Brown their Leader, Labour has another disaster as they come 5th in the Henley by-election, beaten by the Greens and the BNP. The coffers of Labour will also be a bit shorter as they have lost their deposit as well. Mustn't chortle., well not too loudly.

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John Howell: Conservative 19,796
Stephen Kearney: Lib Dems 9,680
Mark Stevenson: Green 1,321
Timothy Rait: BNP 1,243
Richard McKenzie: Labour 1,066
Chris Adams: UKIP 843

Tories outpolled Lib Dems more than 2:1

C 56.95% (+3.46)
LD 27.85% (+1.84)
Grn 3.80% (+0.54)
BNP 3.58% (dns)
Lab 3.07% (-11.68)
UKIP 2.43% (-0.07)

BBC NEWS | Politics | Conservatives hold on to Henley

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Noddy said...

Clue to the result not being good for NuLab?

Henley! Not exactly rich (sic) pickings there for Pa Broon.