Friday, June 27, 2008

A Simple Manifesto for Freedom

Here is the Manifesto that Davaid Davis will be using for his By-Election in Haltemprice and Howden. It is very straightforward and very clear on its message.

What I Stand For

  • British fundamental freedoms – including liberty, free speech and trial by jury.

  • British justice - firm but fair.

  • Protecting personal privacy from unjustified intrusions by the state.

    What I Stand Against
    • Draconian terrorism laws that make us less – not more – safe.
    • The database state – careless officials losing our personal information.

    • A surveillance society – council snoopers spying on local residents.

    • ‘Thought crimes’ and political correctness stifling free speech and peaceful protest.

    10 Policies to Protect British Freedom

      1. Reverse 42 days pre-charge detention – a ‘PR coup for Al-Qaeda’.
      2. Scrap ID cards – put the £19 billion savings towards a Border Police Force and other security measures.
      3. Immediate reversal of the ban on free speech outside Parliament
      4. Protect the right to trial by jury.
      5. Stop neighbourhood spies using powers that should rest with the police and MI5.
      6. Use intercept evidence to prosecute terrorists – but restrict bugging by local councils.
      7. Replace 1 million innocent citizens on the DNA database with the serious criminals left off.
      8. Make CCTV more effective (80% is unusable) – strengthen punishments for privacy abuse.
      9. Slash the 266 separate powers the state has to force its way into the home.
      10. Launch an independent inquiry into the government’s serial database failures.

          Yours faithfully,

          David Davis for Freedom - News > Manifesto

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