Saturday, June 06, 2009

Blair on Brown

A devastating article in the Sunday Mail. According to it

The Darkness in Gordon's Heart and his lies will bring him down.
The article also says

Friends of Mr Blair say he has been 'saddened' by Mr Brown's performance and believes that he has failed to show the necessary leadership or policies.'Gordon's performance has confirmed Tony's reservations about his suitability to be PM,' said one source.'He hoped he would be a success and has tried to support him and offered what advice he can. But he always feared Gordon may not have the right temperament or character to do the job and that's how it has turned out.'Another source close to Mr Blair claimed Mr Brown's wounds were 'self-inflicted'. He added: 'Tony's view is that Gordon has brought this all on himself. He spent years plotting against Tony and is in no position to complain now that it is happening to him.'The people trying to get him out learned how to do it from Gordon's people. It takes a moment to inject the poison, but years to drain it.'

This is just one of a series of articles in many of the papers indicating that the whole Cabinet is fighting and briefing against each other. Total chaos is reigning and yet our Prime Minister keeps insisting they are getting on with the job. In fact it is a living death, a cabinet of zombies, paralysed by fear and loathing of each other.

FFS Gordon just Go Now.

Blair: The darkness in Gordon's heart will bring him down | Mail Online

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