Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why Purnell resigned

According to Fraser Nelson in the Spectator

"I can reveal that James Purnell was offered education, which he turned down, and decided to resign because he couldn't go on continuing to support a PM whom he'd lost faith in months ago.

It's an open secret that Purnell supported David Miliband for the leadership last summer. And reports of Miliband's resignation make sense - four resignations in four days.

If Purnell was offered education, that means Ed Balls has porbably been offered the Chancellorship. My hunch is that this was likely to be the trigger for Purnell and many other ministers.

Brown got rid of Blair by getting private secretaries to resign hour after hour. It seems Brown is going to go after ministers resign day after day."

Why Purnell resigned | Coffee House:

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