Thursday, June 04, 2009

Guardian thinks it's all Over

Guardian says

But there is more to it than this. Purnell has long argued it is time to discard the old tropes of Brownite and Blairite.

And if Purnell has been talked about on the right of the party, then Jon Cruddas can be broadly defined as on the left. Cruddas is known to be in a quandary about how to respond to the Hotmail plot. However, in the last year, Cruddas has been very complimentary about Purnell – regarding him to be a Blairite the left could be able to do business with. Purnell's ascension to the backbenches will add to the many meetings Cruddas has been convening in the last few days to figure out what to do.

"This coup has no legs," said one Brown supporter yesterday. Purnell has given it very long legs.

How James Purnell's manoeuvre changes everything for Gordon Brown | Politics | The Guardian

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