Sunday, May 31, 2009

Will Labour be Flushed Away?

Bit light on the blogging over the weekend due to a malaise of the stomach which leads me onto another story.

Ian Dale is covering the Euro and Local elections this coming weekend on PlayRadioUK , the side banner on this site gives more details. Hopefully, as the the polls are predicting, Labour will confirm they have been flushed away by the UK public and the Lib Dems will be dumped by the Scottish public.

Worth tuning in because the last time Iain covered the elections back in 2007 for 18 Doughty Street the coverage was worth listening to apart from one slight hiccup, or at least a similar bodily fumction.

Please Iain remember to turn your microphone off this year!

Iain Dale's Diary: Election Results: Calling all Political Bloggers

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