Friday, June 05, 2009

Party First Country Second

George Osborne commenting upon the continuing disintegration of this Country's Government had this to say at lunchtime today.

The government is disintegrating, and accused Labour of acting in a “self indulgent” manner, putting the party’s interests ahead of those of the country.

“The real story of today, as well as the election result, is the meltdown and chaos in the Labour government.

He said Labour are acting in a “self indulgent” manner, “putting the Labour party’s interests ahead of the country interests”.

On Gordon Brown’s position he said, “if he survives this he will be in a desperately weak state. He won’t have the Cabinet he wants, he won’t have the Chancellor he wants.

“The British government is disintegrating in front of the eye of the British people. We need a strong and united government.”
FFS Go Now Gordon.

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