Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fight Fear with Fear

Paul Flynn Labour MP for Newport West blogs about the uncertainties and fears going on in the Labour Party at the moment. In his blog he has this to say

On Monday a decision on the leader of the party must be made.To sign or not to sign the round robin. The wrong move could lead to political suicide. All evidence points to electoral advantage if Alan Johnson replaces Gordon Brown. Tonight’s Channel Four poll claims that 54% of the usually loyalist Labour Party members favour a change. The local election results confirm some of the warnings of collapsing Labour support. If the party comes third or fourth in the Euro polls, a shudder of fear will convulse the Parliamentary Labour Party.
So we see we have fear in the Labour Party of the EU election result, at best they will get third and it looks quite likely that they will only manage fourth, a result so bad that any normal leader would immediately do the right thing and resign. But Labour do not have a normal leader they have Gordon Brown a man who only knows one thing, and that is, that he is right, even when millions have told him that he is wrong.

Paul then goes onto say

The likely outcome is that a delusion of optimism will rule. That's how Michael Foot avoided being replaced by Dennis Healey in 1983. Although all rational evidence is that Labour is heading towards an electoral abyss, manic optimism will persuade some that a bridge across it will magically appear. In its fragile mental state the PLP will seize at comforting delusions and the Labour sect may opt to advance towards political suicide.

That’s the way it’s going.

He is right, it is this amazing ability that Labour have, to believe that somehow there will be a wondrous rescue. They need to look out into the real world and to accept that there will be no rescue for Labour, they have done it yet again, brought our country to a deep abyss and forgotten the rope to get us out. All they can do for us is to get rid of Gordon and turn to the country who can then elect the Conservatives who will have, yet again, to start from the depths of a Labour abyss to recover our country.

Many Labour MP's are starting to get the idea, but many are still thinking about their jobs and their hopes rather than looking at the country as a whole, a country they promised to serve when they became MP's.

I can only hope that Labour MP's will tomorrow night begin to figure out how bad things have become under Gordon and that they are not going to get better, they can then, for once, do the right thing and get rid of Gordon. Paul Flynn seems to have got the message, he needs to pass it on to some of hois colleagues.

FFS Gordon Go Now

Paul Flynn - Read My Day: Fight fear with fear

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