Friday, June 12, 2009

More On Brown's Spending Brownie.

The attached videos from Channel 4 show how big Brown's Brownie during PMQ's etc was.

This second video shows Jon Snow nailing Andy Burnham on the Brownie's.

And finally we have this report from tonight's Question Time

Another guest, Ruth Lea, the former head of policy at the Institute of Directors, criticised Mr Hain's response. "When I hear all this about Tory spending cuts... They are all in Alistair Darling's report," she said.

The audience joined in criticism of the government's position in the spat. A heckler shouted: "Labour is not being honest with people."

The man who posed the initial question told Mr Hain: "Your answer just lost my vote."

Spelman concluded by accusing Gordon Brown of misleading the House of Commons during Prime Minister's questions yesterday.

"He trotted out figures of billions without adjusting for inflation, without costing in the benefits for the people we do need to pay. I want a Prime Minister that will come clean with me," she said.

Both in the media, on the internet and just in general conversations people are now laughing at Brown's lies, He is a figure of fun not just in Parliament but also amongst the general public. How much more does he have to do to convince Labour MP's that he is a millstone round their necks pulling them further and further into the abyss.

FFS Gordon just Go Now

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