Monday, June 08, 2009

Defence in the World:

This was the name of the debate on Defence in the House of Commons on Thursday 4th June, Yes, buried amongst the elections and some trivia at the HoC we had one of the most important debates of the year, timed so that few could attend, few would watch, few would even know it was going on and few would report on it.

By my reckoning only 10-12 MP's were actually present at what should be on one of the most important debates held by the H0C, I think 4 Labour perhaps 6 Conservatives and 2 Liberals actually spoke. As Bernard Jenkin said during the debate

Staying with the theme of the public's attitude towards defence spending, we in the House of Commons should have learned in recent weeks how neglecting an issue can engulf us in public rage. Neglect of this particular issue may be fine in peacetime and when we are deploying our troops in faraway and little-understood battles, but if we require our armed forces to do something at short notice that they are not capable of doing and it results in disaster, we need to be aware that the wrath of the British people over our neglect will be unimaginable—and we will deserve it.
In a year when casualties in Afghanistan have now overtaken those in Iraq it should be a national disgrace that we pay so little attention to what is happening to our Armed Forces around the world.

As you read the debate you begin to understand how little has changed in the past 2-3 years. Still we are sending soldiers out in badly protected vehicles, still we have inadequate helicopter and aerial support, still we are arguing about how little money we should spend on the Armed Services, still we comply with ridiculous rules of engagement that will allow the death of our soldiers before we can take action, still.... it goes on.

And now what do we have, one of the worst possible MP's as our new Defence Secretary. "Slow Bob" Ainsworth who has been rewarded for his toadying and blind faith in Gordon Brown. All I can say is let us hope his reign is short or our Armed Forces will suffer more than they do today. He is the complete Labour Jellyfish ready to lay down any principals for the greater god of serving his master and the pursuit of a longer sinecure and a tidy index linked pension.

Makes you sick.

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