Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brown appoints part-timer as energy minister No. 12

Now we see the impact of the in-fighting between Brown and his party, Part-Timers in important Cabinet jobs. Perhaps Mr Brown would like to remember where he gets much of his money from and where some of his "green shoots" of recovery are coming from.

As the P&J said

Prime Minister Gordon Brown was under fresh fire last night – over the way he treated the vital North Sea oil and gas industry in his government shake-up. He has handed the key minister of state for energy portfolio to part-time peer Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, who will be helped in the Commons by Stafford Labour MP David Kidney – a new, unpaid junior minister.

Former NHS chief Lord Hunt’s other post, as deputy leader of the Lords, involves the painstaking work of getting government business through without a majority. The appointments take the number of changes of energy minister since Labour came to power in 1997 to 11.

Last night, industry bosses and opposition politicians accused Mr Brown of treating the offshore sector in a “cavalier” manner and criticised the lack of continuity in the government department. West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine Liberal Democrat MP Sir Robert Smith said: “This is a crisis reshuffle with Mr Brown doubling-up ministerial jobs because he has run out of loyalists. “It is another example of the prime minister’s neglect of Britain’s most important industry.”Sir Robert added: “To put it in the hands of a part-time peer and an unpaid junior minister is a disgrace.”

Just another example of the contempt that Gordon Brown has for the Real World.

FFS Gordon just Go Now

Brown appoints part-timer as energy minister No. 12 - Press & Journal

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