Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bob Ainsworth - Even Lib Dems think he is Useless

Lib Dem Blogger, Norfolk Blogger has this to say about Bob Ainsworth.

I lived for three years, in Coventry and was a council candidate during that time in Bob Ainsworth's constituency. In that time, he was virtually anonymous. As a politically active and politically aware student, you might have expected the local politicians to be of immediate interest to me, and in the run up to the 1997 I expected to see lots of them, but of the then four MPs in Coventry (then reduced to 3 in 1997), Bob Ainsworth was the least seen and least known of any of them. Indeed John Butcher, the one Tory (who was standing down anyway) had the highest profile.
When all sides of the political parties think the man is a waste of space then you know that he must be completely talentless and unworthy of any job in Government far less in one of what should be the most important in Government.

This just goes to show that Gordon is so devoid of any support within his own party that he has to use the dross. When will our Armed Forces get the Minister they deserve?

Norfolk Blogger: Bob Ainsworth - A sign of desperation by the government

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