Monday, June 09, 2008

We will make a happy childhood a reality for all

According to Ed Balls writing in the Independent, Labour will

make a happy childhood a reality for all
Next week they will be nailing jelly to the ceiling of the Houses of Parliament.

What Mr Balls is writing is amazingingly similar to his name. He is in fact asking us to accept a greater and greater role in the upbringing of our kids by the state, as us poor parents, are all incapable of doing this whilst Mr Balls and his partner Yvette Cooper are experts, of course. This is typical NuLab thinking at it's worst. One typical quote from the article is as follows
"But schools know that they also have a vital role to play in addressing the broader 'opportunity gap' and tackling all the barriers to learning in and out of school. From birth to the age of majority, we need to give young people the support they need to stay safe, and be healthy, happy and make the most of their talents."
Now don't get me wrong schools have a large part to play in the education of my kids, but kids biggest support should not be the state it should be proper family life.

Contrast Mr Ball's writing with the speech David Cameron will give on Monday to Relate. He will say:
'Britain has one of the highest rates of family breakdown in Europe. And we also have some of the worst social problems."That's why I say it's time for change: to make this country more family-friendly so we can turn around the social breakdown, turn around the crime and antisocial behaviour, turn around this unacceptable situation where our cost of living's going up and the quality of life is going down.
'I don't think we'll ever get to the heart of the big problems we face, from crime and anti-social behaviour to welfare dependency and educational failure; from debt and drug addiction to entrenched poverty and stalled social mobility, if we don't help the best institution in our country - the family - do the vital work it does in bringing up children.
'What that help is - and how it is delivered - will be among the defining social reforms of the next Conservative Government.
Mr Cameron will say: 'The number one challenge in this country today is to strengthen our society. There is no more important way of doing that than strengthening families, and there's nothing more important to families than the strength of their relationships.
'This isn't comfortable territory for politicians. Our relationships break down and fail just like other people's, arguably more so. This goes to the heart of people's personal lives - and some might say the best thing politicians can do is keep their noses out. But I think that's a bit of a cop-out.
Now I know which of these two scenarios I would want for my children.

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