Monday, June 09, 2008

Gordon Brown worse than IDS shocker.

After a bad weekend for the Tories, with Snouts in Trough alerts for 3 MEP's and the nannygate affair of Caroline Spelman, this week has got off to a rather better start for the Tories.

First we have tonights Dispatches programme on Channel 4 entitled "Gordon Brown: Where did it all go Wrong". This was illuminating in that in one hour I have never seen so many Political cock-ups or so many Cabinet Ministers ready to criticise a man who was their Messiah only one short year ago. Catch it again here shortly.

Second we have a Populus poll in the Times in which public support for Labour and Gordon Brown continues to plunge to new lows with the Prime Minister's leadership rating falling to a level even below that suffered by Iain Duncan Smith.

Labour’s rating has dropped by 4 points since early May to 25 per cent, with the Conservatives up 5 points to 45 per cent. This is by far the worst Labour position since 1997 and the best Tory one. The Liberal Democrats are up one point at 20 per cent.

The Tories may have more to think about with the vote on 42 days later this week which appears popular with the public but not so popular with a former Attorney General, The Lord Advocate of Scotland, Police Chiefs and MI5. However another vote on matters to do with changing Coroners and removal of juries from inquests may be just as hard to get past the commons.

Gordon Brown slides to lower poll rating than Iain Duncan Smith - Times Online

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