Monday, June 09, 2008

Alan Johnson wants me to travel miles to see a Doctor

In the nanny state that is Labour's aim we now have how best to run GP Practices by a government that doesn't know how to even run its own Party coffers.

In an interview with The Times Mr Johnson indicated that he is preparing to change funding rules this month to make it harder for single-handed GP practices to survive. He says the changes will improve access to doctors, particularly in poorer areas, and allow them to provide better care. Mr Johnson confirms he is preparing to remove a payment - the minimum practice income guarantee (MPIG) - designed to protect GPs operating alone.

“MPIG is a barrier to all sorts of things we want to do,”
So what he will do is affect many of the Practices that are located in more rural areas such as the small village I live in. The GP practice here is one of those pesky single-handed ones, but never mind by taking money away from it Mr Johnson will make myself and other have to travel a minimum of 6 miles to get to the nearest likely alternative. Not too tricky for me, when I'm well, as I can drive and have a car but to many this will be just another hardship forced upon them by the idiots in the Labour Party.

In an interview with The Times in April on this matter David Cameron accused the Government of trying to abolish
The family doctor service, Communities which have lost their post office, their local shops and their local police station, are now going to lose their doctor.
Labour cannot see past their heartlands of the city centres and always assume that one-size fits all. It sees the establishment of Polyclinics and the like as a panacea to provide better access and care to patients when in all likelihood what we will get will be an anonymous service provided by a high cost and low efficiency corporate interested only in profits who will take the NHS to the cleaners.

Labour they'll drive you to your local GP, only they won't be there anymore.

Alan Johnson's Nazi gibe to attack opponents of GP super-surgeries - Times Online

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