Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Award for families who have lost Service Personnel

The MOD and Des Browne have launched a new award today for the families of Service personnel who die on operations or as a result of terrorist action whilst on duty.This award will recognise the terrible loss and sacrifice made by the loved ones of Service personnel who die while serving their country.The Chiefs of Staff have recommended this new award and the recommendations have been endorsed by MOD Ministers and by the cross-Government committee on Honours and Awards, and approved by Her Majesty The Queen.
Commenting on the decision, the Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, said:

"Our Armed Forces demonstrate bravery, commitment and professionalism on a daily basis and as a nation we must continue to show our appreciation. It is equally important that we remember their families who play a vital role in supporting their loved ones serving in the Armed Forces. "It is a sad but unavoidable reality that some of our brave Service personnel pay the ultimate sacrifice in the name of their country. That is why my fellow Chiefs of Staff and I believe the time is right to recommend a new award for the families of those who die on operations in recognition of their loss. We will now be giving careful thought to how we can do this in a fitting way."
The exact criteria for the award, how far the award should go back, who will receive it and the design and production of the scroll and emblem are now being looked at by a team specially dedicated to the task. Further details are therefore expected later this year.

This may just be a little thing for the MOD/Government to do, but anything that we do to value the sacrifice made by our forces is worthwhile.

I just hope that this announcement has not been put out today to try and deflect some attention from the continuing problems of this government.

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Whichendbites said...

Worthy.........but, my cynical side tells me this has been on hold to release when the time was right as a form of deflection from soething else that needs a little less light on it.