Saturday, June 14, 2008

YouGov gives Tories 22% lead

These results will mean more mobile phone buying for Gordon's secretaries on Monday.

YouGov/ Sunday Times Survey Results
Sample Size: 1769
Fieldwork: 12th - 13th June 2008
Headline Voting Intention
[Excluding Don't Knows and Wouldn't Votes]
Con 47
Lab 25
Lib Dem 18
Other 10
Would Not Vote 8
Don't know 12
Do you think Gordon Brown is doing well or badly as prime minister?
Very well 1
Fairly well 15
Fairly badly 37
Very badly 41
Don’t know 5
Do you think David Cameron is doing well or badly as Conservative leader?
Very well 10
Fairly well 53
Fairly badly 18
Very badly 8
Don’t know 11
Do you think Nick Clegg is doing well or badly as leader of the Liberal Democrats?
Very well 2
Fairly well 33
Fairly badly 20
Very badly 9
Don’t know 37
Recent news on the economy has been very gloomy.
In your opinion how good or bad is the state of Britain’s economy at the moment?
Very good 0
Quite good 5
Neither good nor bad 19
Quite bad 49
Very bad 24
Don’t know 3
Over the next 12 months do you think Britain's economy will...
Grow at a faster rate than over the past 12 months 1
Grow at about the same rate 4
Grow more slowly 28
Not grow at all 31
Go into recession 31
Don't know 5

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