Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Total Clegg Up

Watch Clegg blame Conservative for just about anything. The man is deluded. The main interest starts about 2 minutes into the extract. It's like listening to Nick Griffin the BNP leader espousing his fear of immigrants but in reverse. Fearmongering at it's worst. Some background on the European Arrest Warrant which was also opposed by Liberty. As John Wadham, director of Liberty said of the Bill:

"Speeding up the bureaucracy of the extradition process needn't be a problem - but we need safeguards to ensure you aren't sent to a foreign prison, under foreign
laws, without good reason.

"This Bill, and the EU arrest warrant, seek to cut away those basic protections. Foreign authorities should need to show they have a
substantive case against the person to be extradited. We must have adequate protections against improper extradition".

BBC NEWS | Politics | Stand tall in Europe, Clegg urges

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John Robertson Nicoll said...

I've just had the biggest laugh I've had in months - Nick Clegg lecturing his audience about "wasted votes". What are the Lib Dems for again?