Monday, May 11, 2009

Charlie Brooker on the car crash that is Gordon

Charlie Brooker writing in the Guardian seems to have worked out what a car-crash Gordon really is His final lines suggest a way Gordon might get out of this situation

... Failing that, simply bursting into tears on live TV might be a good move. Pay a visit to This Morning for an ostensibly upbeat chat about how this whole government thing's been working out for you, then suddenly go quiet and well up. Wait till Phillip Schofield puts a hand on your shoulder before letting rip - but when you let rip, really LET RIP. Wail. Howl. Punch the cushions. Quake with sobs. Say you're sorry for all the mistakes and beg for a chance to put it all right. Make stuff up if necessary.

Pretend you've been a heroin addict or something like that. Weep 16 litres right there on the sofa if you have to.

Or tell a joke! A bad one! Anything! Do any-thing! Please - just do something to clear the air. Because the public still has a few pity cells left. Many will forgive you. I'm not sure everyone believes the current mess is entirely your fault. It's just the tragic-comic misery and embarrassment of it all. It's too much for our embattled nation to bear. It's awful. Truly awful.

Sorry Charlie that won't work. It's past time for Gordon he is now the zombie waiting to put out of his misery.

Charlie Brooker on the car crash that is Gordon Brown's premiership Comment is free The Guardian

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