Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tory lead at 22% in new BPIX poll - Labour on 20%

Remarkable figures in the new BPIX poll for tomorrow's Mail on Sunday. This is probably Labours lowest poll since proper polling began back in 1945. Gordon Brown whatever he says tomorrow in the News of the Screws has yet again been seen to be an appalling and dithering leader.

On Westminster voting intention, the figures are:

Con - 42%
Lab - 20%
LD - 15%

Labour have melted.

Other figures

On voting intention for the European Parliament election, the figures are:

Con - 30%
UKIP - 17%
Lab - 17%
LD - 15%

On other questions related to the expenses scandal:

  • 17% think that Gordon Brown has handled the problem well, compared with a 53% rating for David Cameron;
  • 91% per cent agree with David Cameron's ruling that Tory MPs who have abused their expenses and refuse to pay it back will be expelled from the party;
  • 77% think Gordon Brown has handled the issue badly, against 39% for David Cameron;
  • 38% think that Gordon Brown should dissolve Parliament immediately and call an election; 16% want him to wait until the last possible moment in June 2010.

BPIX interviewed 2,318 people between the 14th and 16th May.

Tory lead at 22% in new BPIX poll as Labour support slumps to 20% - thetorydiary

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