Friday, May 15, 2009

Labour - No policies, No Apology

The Party Political Broadcast by the Labour party is a shining example of the depths the Labour Party under Gordon Brown has sunk to. No Policies, arrogant with no cause, shallow, deceitful, fearmongering, and certainly no apologies for the expenses humiliations they are undergoing.

After the fearmongering twaddle that was the Lib Dems launch of European Election campaigning you would have thought Labour would have come up with something more direct and an explanation of policies ad how they could help people, but no just an ad hominem attack on David Cameron and no explanations of how they are going to move forward in these troubled times. When your only attack left is personal you know you are going to lose.

Iain Martin writing in the Telegraph had this to say

If it had gone on any longer I suspect the following claims would have been made.

Small child, sobbing. Standing in front of rabbit's cage: "David Cameron would restrict the supply of carrots. Your pet would die." (cue creepy music and close up of petrified looking rabbit).

Tense looking mother of two. Standing in front of school gates: "David Cameron would close all schools. Apart from Eton." Cut to shot of public school boys beating up comprehensive school pupils in rags.

Elderly war veteran. Sitting on floor: "David Cameron would make chairs expensive. Under a Conservative government only he and George Osborne could afford them."

Look, negative campaigning can work if the ad is well made and the claims don't sound silly and over the top. But the oddest aspect of this is that it did not occur to anyone in Labour that it looks completely inappropriate in the current climate. The Tories have re-shot their PPB, with a straight to camera apology to voters from Cameron for the expenses scandal. Labour's machine is so broken that the idea of doing something similar appears to have passed them by.

Labour are likely to come a distant third or even fourth in these elections, one more nail in the coffin for the Tragedy that is Gordon's "leadership" of the Labour Party

Stapler-hurling Brown launches negative ad against Conservatives - thetorydiary

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