Monday, May 11, 2009

Polly Toynbee - Gordon Brown must go

"He made the rich richer and the poor poorer. The Labour party can't go into the next election under Brown's leadership"
At last you've worked it out Polly. Gordon is a just not what you need for your Socialist Paradise.

As she says
It's all over for Brown and Labour. The abyss awaits. As long as he remains leader, there is nothing that wretched Labour candidates can plausibly say on the doorstep at next month's European elections. They are struck dumb. Why should people vote for them? The horse manure bought on expenses is garnish for a decomposing government. The heart of the matter is the economy, and Brown's responsibility for the bubble years. He personally is to blame for Labour's failure to ensure that ordinary people on median incomes and poor people at the bottom received a bigger share in national growth: it turns out that they fell back and only the wealthy prospered. Labour made the rich richer and the poor poorer: growth for the few, not the many.
The thing is, Polly, he hasn't managed to do much good for anybody, everybody (apart from the odd banker) is worse off, not just the poor and the rich, but especially everyone in-between. This is the problem that Gordon caused in his 10 years as Chancellor and has now exacerbated in his two, yes just two years as Prime Minister. Polly you try to excuse your old blind faith in him by saying
I was among those looking for the best in him, celebrating his undoubted concern for Africa, foreign aid and child poverty – but no one can know a leader's mettle until too late.
Unfortunately dear, you did know, you just were so up your own a***hole that you didn't bother to actually take in all the evidence. It was all there for you to see and most people could see it and had seen it for years. Gordon Brown was a car-crash waiting for the first tricky corner. Please now go and read back all your columns and see how many times you have been wrong. Then take a flight out to your Tuscan prole villa and retire and leave journalism to those who actually know what they are talking about.

Gordon Brown must go. Deadline: June 5 | Polly Toynbee | Comment is free | The Guardian:

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Arthur Ransome said...

Brilliant! I couldn't agree more. Toynbee has been defending the indefensible for years.