Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stench of death

The Times has these Stories

Now for the longest assisted suicide in history

Anatole Kaletsky writes:

In 1983, when Michael Foot's Labour Party tried to bring Britain back to the true path of socialism after what it believed was a brief and misguided detour into capitalist economics under Margaret Thatcher, its election manifesto was described as “the longest suicide note in history”. In the same spirit, the death throes of the Labour Government that started with Gordon Brown's arrival in No10 and reached its terminal phase in last week's Budget, could be called the longest assisted suicide in history.

Stench of death reminiscent of John Major’s last days in office

Peter Riddell writes:
Gordon Brown’s premiership faces a lingering death as painful as that experienced by John Major in 1996-97 unless he gets a grip quickly. Long-serving MPs were drawing parallels last night between the two: the willingness of government backbenchers to defy their leader, a loss of prime ministerial authority and open fatalism about the party’s electoral prospects.
That's just one paper and one day!

I'm sure there will be many more days like this after the defeat on a Liberal Democrat motion, A car crash of PMQ's and another embarrassing slip by Gordon Brown.

He must go, and go soon, before he destroys our country.

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