Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Progress with Autism - Gene Variations


Good to read this story that gene variations have been identified that may be a cause for Autism. Five years ago my family were DNA tested and the whole story was printed in our local paper the Press and Journal. You can read it here.

From Ruaridh P and J

You may need to magnify to see the whole story.

Since then Ruaridh our youngest has progressed really well and starts at Aboyne Academy after the summer. A combination of pure stubbornness and a thirst for knowledge has brought him from a youngster who had little language and poor social skills up to a confident and bright young child who has achieved more than we ever believed possible when he started Primary School. He has just had his last Primary School report which was excellent and was in his school quiz team where his knowledge of History is tremendous.

Let us hope that these new advances lead to insights into the condition’s underlying biology that could eventually lead to new treatments. There will be no miracle "cure" just hopefully a better understanding of how we can help.

If you want to learn more about Autism please go to the NAS website.

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Biggest autism study identifies gene variations behind condition - Times Online


Noddy said...

Two points I thought of after the topic was read on the Beeb, which I read before yours.

1 - How do you 'fix' such genetic problems?

2 - Is this inherited or mutated?

Neither article really addressed either.

Fitaloon said...

Good Questions and I have no answers apart from to say there is no magic "cure" despite what some crackpots, particularly in the US say. It will be a long road to better understanding and what possibilities there are to sort out the issues.