Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Disaster, Catastrophe, Calamity

An article from the Asian Times looking at the UK economy and Gordon Brown. Nicely describes us at the end as

To paraphrase Churchill, the UK economy is now a disaster, wrapped in a catastrophe inside a calamity. And someone just flushed the key down the proverbial.
Meanwhile Poland tells Gordon Brown how he should have been running our Economy. The Polish Premier Donald Tusk said
"The Polish government at a time of financial crisis has behaved with full responsibility in terms of its public finances and the budget deficit.

"After a few months, our government made the assumption that the method to deal with the financial crisis was not to increase expenditure but (to ensure) the availability of public finances."

He added that Poland's success was down to "efficient supervision of banks and sticking to the rules."

With Mr Brown beside him, the premier went on to say that his administration's approach was based on "not exaggerating with living on credit. These are the most certain ways of avoiding ... financial crisis."

OK yet another embarrassment for Gordon and the UK. How many more do we need.

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