Thursday, April 30, 2009

Now it's Humiliation for Gordon Brown

Gordon will again be turning into Macavity the Cat this weekend as he retires to his bunker to lick his wounds after a truly appalling week of embarrassments and humiliations.

The latest humiliation is that his grand expenses plan has been dumped without a fight and chaos now reigns over what will happen. Paul Waugh has this in the Evening Standard.

***Harman waves white flag on MPs' exes***

The Commons Leader has just said that she accepts in full the George Young amendment. A real humiliation for the Government whips, it seems. Can Gordon's authority be so low that he can't even get his backbenchers to vote for his resolution?

UPDATE: Total fiasco. Hattie's retreat means she wants to leave the issue of per diem allowance upto Sir Christopher Kelly. But she wants MPs to vote on the remaining issues such as the London allowance etc - pre-empting the Kelly review.

Sir George pointed out the logical inconsistency of her position.

Alan Duncan rightly said Harman's move turns a climbdown into chaos.

I note that there is not a single Cabinet minister on the front bench alongside her.

So Gordon doesn't even turn up to apologise for his plan, just leaves poor old Harperson out to dry. The courage of the ban you would think he was a big feartie.

More later I'm sure

Paul Waugh | Blogs | Evening Standard

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