Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Zombie Brown - Time for Labour to Act

Today during PMQ's we witnessed yet again the embarrassment that is the current Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He is tottering through the final stages of what, we can only hope, is a short period before he becomes the ex Prime Minister. Watch the video's above to see how he is now held in complete contempt both by his opponents and his own party.

Unless this man goes very soon the UK will be in desperate trouble for decades. We are already in the most serious recession since the 1930's and Gordon is not up to the job of guiding us through this period. Unfortunately Gordon appears to be about the only person in the UK who actually believes he is up to the job. Gordon Brown is now nothing more than a Zombie waiting for a merciful release.

Both David Cameron and Nick Clegg seem to have arrived at the conclusion, probably from the ill-tempered meeting about expenses with Gordon Brown two weeks ago, that Gordon is now beyond any help and that only by working together can they hope to relieve Gordon of his position.

This has been seen on a number of occasions in the past two weeks when Cameron and Clegg have put on a double act to try and demonstrate to the Labour Party what a state this country is in with Gordon at the helm. Working together they have shown the inept and bungling embarrassment that our Prime Minister has become. Hopefully soon Labour will also get the message.

But the biggest problem we face is actually ditching our current Prime Minister. This is virtually impossible without the help of the Labour Party and it's MP's. Unfortunately as Clegg said in PMQ's today the Labour Party is good at speaking behind peoples backs but will not confront the issues head-on. It also has a dearth of talent, most of it's major players having been undermined or smeared by its own Leader in his vain push for glory.

So getting Labour MP's to get Brown out will only happen if they can get past the fact that a new Leader will almost certainly mean a General Election and the loss of many of their jobs. This is the price they will have to pay for supporting Brown to his coronation as Prime Minister rather than having a proper election. Even two years ago it was obvious to many that Brown was totally unsuited to the Prime Ministers job. Now it appears that even his predecessor, Tony Blair, has realised the game is up and is looking to help get rid of him, if only he would stand up and say this outright rather than skulking about behind the scenes.

So what will be the path forward for the UK in this most troubling of times. Zombie Brown leading us on into the Wilderness and Desolation of a Bankrupt and Decaying Britain like that of the 1970's pre-Thatcher or hopefully a brighter future under the Conservatives and David Cameron where we can regain our pride, fiscal stability and our ability to be a player amongst the major nations in the world. Now it is up to the Labour MP's and Party to work together to get rid of the emabarassement that is our Prime Minister. Remove the brain and the Zombie will die.

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