Thursday, May 07, 2009

Trusting the Weasel Words of the Prime Minister

Joanna Lumley went to visit Gordon Brown yesterday on the vexed issue of Gurkha's being able to settle in the UK after serving in the UK Armed Forces.

After her meeting Joanna said

She trusts Gordon Brown to do the "right thing" for the Gurkhas after the meeting to discuss the issue.

Ms Lumley said Mr Brown had taken the matter "into his own hands" and would come up with a "solution" to the issue of residency rights by the end of May.

Amazing this U-Turn by Brown but it just appears to be another part of his embarrassing performance as our supposed Prime Minister. Last week he was proclaiming it would cost 1.4 billion pounds that we didn't have and then proceeded to lose a vote on the issue.

Me, I wouldn't trust Gordon Brown to change his socks. He will weasel word his way out of any commitment to the Gurkhas and Joanna.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Lumley 'trusts' Brown on Gurkhas

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